Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thanks - Bloggy Love

I'm not the most creative or original person in the world.  But I love to find great ideas and use them (from people who are).  And I love to read blogs.  I come across so many great posts and think, I should have wrote that how cool is that?

So here it is, my first:


I hope to make it a regular feature, since nap time on Thursday is a semi-predictable occurrence at my house. 

Here are some great reminders for homeschooling mommas that are feeling the burn.  My new follow of the week.

Fending off Burnout from Homeschoolhoop-la

The next link is from my uber talented friend that I met in high school.  She is a super-mom and somehow finds time to share her creativity with the world.  She is giving me mantel-envySeriously.  Why don't I have a fireplace?  I might have to figure something out. 

Check out Who's Watching the Baby's - Birthday Mantel Bonanza.

Next is from one of my favorite blogs of. all. time.  When I grow up I'm going to decorate like her.  I may just straight up print her house pictures and copy her. I'm not ashamed.

Clock Cloth Tutorial from Finding my Feet

And this next one might be a winner on AFV.  Seriously.  So funny!

Airborn Girl: Ally's Close Call from Peaceful Island Mother.


  1. Thanks so much for the love! So great, I appreciate it so much! I just got an article published on the Detroit Examiner from this video and trying to get views, views, views, lol so if you could pass on this link I would greatly appreciate it! I just can't believe my brother's video is going so viral. They have already been interviewed by Inside Edition people are offering to buy the video, it's so crazy! My brother and niece are getting famous lol Here is the link of my article which is circulating cover news this morning. I am beyond excited not only for myself but for whos involved lol God is good.


  2. Thank you so much! What a sweet thing to do! Thank for following! I'm doing the same!