Sunday, June 19, 2011

My daddy

My dad holds a special place in my heart.  I have fond childhood memories of him, even though, during that time in my life, he was not there very much.  My parents divorced when I was three years old, and so my early memories of my daddy were on Sundays when he would come pick me up.  I would look forward to those Sundays, and still remember our trips to the playground, the movies...and always to McDonald's for ice cream.  

Then around the age of 5, he moved away and I didn't see him much at all.  I don't like to bring up this time to him now, because I can tell it hurts his heart to even think about.  

One day, all of that changed.  It was after my grandmother had passed away, my dad was living with my grandfather.  He found a letter that my grandmother had written, something she had copied by hand onto a sheet of paper.  The letter talked about Jesus, who He is, and coming face to face with him.  That day my Heavenly Father reached down and changed my earthly father.  His life, and my life, were forever changed.

I moved from Ohio to Florida to live with my dad the summer of my seventh grade year.  It was the two of us until he remarried when I was 18.  I was raised by a bachelor, which is why my cleaning skills, to this day, aren't so hot!  Ha!  I had all the love and attention a daughter could hope for.

(My 30th birthday)

Now, my father is "papa" to my two little ones.  My daughter is 5, and just as in love with her papa as I was with my daddy.  He is redeeming the time with his grandchildren, and I love to see them together.

Our story is one that reminds me that it's never to late to change, it's never to late to make things right and have the relationships God intends for us to have.  

I'm so grateful for the great men I have in my life.  I'm truly thankful that my children have a wonderful father, and two doting grandfathers as examples of true men of God.


  1. Ooooh, I'm getting chills reading this. What a beautiful story! I think it's so amazing how God can change a person's heart. God bless!

  2. Beautiful story. Reminds me not to give up hope w/my own Dad. Thank you.

  3. I always adored your Dad. So good to see you two happy and smiling together. I love the picture.