About Me

I am “Mommy" (and teacher) to a beautiful, smart and funny first grade girl; and a handsome, witty, soft-hearted preschool boy. Happily married to my best friend (for a decade); in love with my Savior Jesus (every day striving to be more like Him). I am a project manager at heart, so I am always juggling many a task (with a bull-in-a-china-closet, just get it done approach). I love crafts (but an artist I am not). Reading books, watching movies and snuggling with my family are my favorite past-times. I have a passion for bringing moms together to support and encourage each other.

Princess "Abby" (6 years old)

My little princess is beautiful inside and out.  She is funny, sweet and so very smart.  She loves to play on the computer, read books, do puzzles, play with anything princess and loves to sharpen pencils (not kidding about that one).  She loves Jesus and her family!

Super "Josh" (4 years old)

My little boy is a sweet, energetic and focused little man.  He has a huge heart, and loves to play with his big sister.  He loves to watch Veggie Tales and Dora the Explorer.  He can often be found playing with his Buzz Light Year, and is newly into everything Spiderman.  He is our little singer, he is usually singing to himself or happily to all of us!  We love our super boy!