Sunday, July 10, 2011

{The Homeschool Mother's Journal 5 - Summer Edition}

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In My Life This Week

This week we enjoyed a relaxing 4th of July holiday.  I spent way less time on Twitter and Facebook (which is a good thing - trying to find a good balance).  We didn’t have any VBS this week for the first time in a while – which was nice.  I did a whole truck load of laundry, because…

Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing

As I write this we are driving to Ohio – ROAD TRIP! (I am not driving and typing, just to be clear.)  We are looking forward to seeing Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends.  It is the first road trip I’ve taken with the kids (actually the first one I’ve taken as an adult).  So far so good…the kids have been super-duper considering the long day we have had.

My Favorite Thing This Week

We had the biggest turn-out yet at the parenting class we lead at church…22 people!  I love seeing couples that are willing to invest time and energy in improving their families.

Things I’m Working On

Not a whole lot - just enjoying the summer and making memories with my kids!

I’m Reading

Nothing in particular, other than the bible – who has time?

I’m Praying For

A sweet family that I have come to know through a mutual friend, were hit by a drunk driver on their vacation in Georgia on July 1.  They lost one of their precious daughters, and their other three children are still recovering in the hospital.  The littlest boy has a diagnosis of paralysis below the neck.  Please join me in praying for their continued healing and strength.

A Photo, Video, Link, or Quote to Share

This is precious to me!  It brings back sweet childhood in real grass full of dandelions (at a KY rest stop).  Can't wait to have them catch some lightning bugs while we are up North!!


  1. "Things I’m Working On...Not a whole lot - just enjoying the summer and making memories with my kids!"

    Sounds like my summer...and I love it!! Enjoy the goes so fast!

    Enjoyed hopping over from the HHH!


  2. very nice! lovely photo, enjoy the summer! stopping by from the hhhop :)

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  4. Love the dandelion photo. :)
    Do you not have lightning bugs where you are? We have them all over the place here (in Georgia) but a friend recently told me she never saw them growing up in Alabama & Texas.