Monday, March 7, 2011

Some things I <3

The post where I share some of my current favorite things...hope you find some new things to love!

On the web - amazing site for teaching phonics and reading with lots of fun activities.  This is a definite favorite for my daughter. - this is a great site for math games.  One freebie is allowed each day, and subscription is also available. - a plethora of free educational information and resources on so many different subjects, subscription also available. - awesome list of the Dolch sight words for pre-school through third grade.

Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry Curriculum - great resource for bible story coloring pages.


We started teaching a new parenting curriculum at our church this year.  It has made such a huge impact in our home, it has changed our parenting goals and how we connect and relate to our children.


In my women's small group we have been studying the curriculum that goes with the book Extraordinary by John Bevere.  I worked for John and Lisa Bevere many years ago and have always admired and appreciated their teachings.  This book has truly been a life changer.

iPhone apps

For the kids:

Teach Me - we have the Teach Me Kindergarten and Teach Me First Grade for my daughter and she LOVES them.  I honestly think she is doing so well in addition and subtraction because of this app.  That is a. big. deal.  We recently downloaded Teach Me Toddler for my three year old, and he is doing great with it.

Trace - little girl has enjoyed playing this game - simple concept but challenging...I like it myself!

For me:

Get Running - I have just started using this application for my workouts.  I love it so far, it's challenging for the first week but I'm excited to see my progress.  This app guides you while your listening to your favorite tunes from running eight minutes per workout to running for a continuous half hour in nine weeks.

Textropolis - addicting.  love. it.

Have any favorite learning sites you want to share, or great books?  Please do tell!

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  1. stopping by from HHM and will def be checking those apps out
    Thanks :)