Friday, June 10, 2011

Kindergarten graduate!

Hi friends!  Sorry for the long computer is quite old and it takes WAY too long to write posts on anymore...and if you've ever tried blogging from an iPhone, well it's not so easy.  But thankfully we are almost done saving for our new computer - I can't wait!

We finished Kindergarten - and our first year of homeschooling!  It was such a bittersweet moment, I was amazed at how fast it went by.  I learned so much this year, and am feeling so much more confident about continuing homeschooling.  It did take us almost a whole year to really get in our groove!

If I had to say pick the most challenging part of homeschooling, I'd say it was learning about my daughter.  I had to learn what motivated her, what inspired her.  I had to study the things that worked and the things that didn't work.  How to overcome "are we done yet?"..."how much longer", and "I don't want to".  I am really excited about started next year with some of these hurdles overcome....and the challenge of overcoming the new ones that arise.

We had a week vacation at the beach to celebrate our freedom - the perfect way to start the summer!

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