Friday, June 10, 2011

{Homeschool Mother's Journal 4 - Summer Edition}

In my life this week….
We had a great (and very busy) week!  We started swim lessons on Monday, and my daughter is already acting like a little fish - a far cry from our experience last year (she enjoyed the lessons, but was very afraid if she didn't have her 'floaties' on).  My son, well, let's just say he goes to the lessons.  We will be getting lots of practice this summer!

My favorite thing this week was…
We had our homeschool mom's group meeting this morning.  I love getting together to talk with other homeschoolers and moms who are looking into homeschooling.  It was a great time for the kids to play together too.
Places I’m going…
After I type this, I'm going to the gym!  I've been making a point to get there consistently while it's summer-time.  NO excuses!  I've already started feeling the difference in my energy level and my happy-mom-o-meter.
Things I’m working on…
I continue to focus on organizing areas of our house.  I made good progress in May, and still have several areas that need to be tackled.  I also want to work on a chore system, and start implementing Financial Peace Jr. for Kids.
Books I’m reading…
My husband and I teach a parenting class at our church using the Loving Our Kids on Purpose video series by Danny Silk.  I just downloaded the book to the Kindle app on my iPhone, I want to read through it and highlight it up!  I love this curriculum, and highly recommend it to everyone - it has changed our family!
A quote, a video, a link or pic to share…

You know those things you *heart* about your kids?  The stuff that just makes you melt like butter on a hot summer sidewalk?  Want to know one of mine?  

FRECKLES.  Especially the ones on my little boy's nose.  

((SMILE)) Have a great week!


  1. Hi, Allison! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my site! I loved reading about your week and I can relate to so much of it - the swim lessons, the organizing, and even loving freckles :) I look forward to stopping back often.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment. Those are some pretty adorable freckles. My kiddo has those too, and I just wanna eat 'em up! Haha!

  3. How cute! I love freckles too! But strangely my *heart* is my youngest's curly hair, my middle's feet and my oldest's chubby cheeks! LOL Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  4. You have beautiful children! Good for you for hittin the gym-I'd rather scrub toilets-LOL! I've been very interested in checking out Financial Peace Jr. for Kids. You are finding that it pertains to younger children then?

  5. Beautiful family! I'm your newest follower (and fellow homeschooler) from A Season for All Things. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. ~ Ellen

  6. Thanks for stopping by Ellen!