Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Community Helpers: Mail Carrier

We are having fun starting our study about the mail.  Since K-girl LOVES to send letters in the mail, this is one I know she will enjoy.

Today I quickly put together a felt picture of a mailbox, and she provided the picture of herself delivering a letter to “great-grandma” (who incidentally, we got to visit this weekend).


I love the idea of making felt pictures, I hope to keep adding to our collection of shapes – since it’s so easy to do!  (A great artist I am not, that’s what makes teaching a kindergartener fun, she doesn’t notice!!)


  1. How fun! I will definitely be turning to all my fellow homeschooling moms in the year ahead. This year I am homeschooling my pre-K middle daughter and it's easy since I have a degree in Early Childhood and taught pre-k for 8 years but after that, gee so lost hahaha! You have definitely inspired me!


  2. Thanks so much Lindsey! It's funny, because Kindergarten is going well so far, it's my 3 year old I have a hard time thinking of ideas for! You will do great, there are so many great resources out there!

  3. I have been dying to try creating fun stuff out of felt. I see so many fresh and fun learning idea's for youngster's.. so this is an official sign that I have to do it. :)