Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello World!

It's been a long time...my littles are almost done with 2nd grade and Kindergarten...and we've welcomed a new member to the family! Introducing our sweet little girl - Baby E!  

 I have homeschooled my kindergartener this year, and have so enjoyed this time with him.  My second grader has been going to a private/homeschool umbrella school four-days a week this, and is loving it.  Next year, they will both be in school four-days a week.  I have so enjoyed our homeschooling experience this past 3 years.

This week little E has started trying to roll over...except its mostly on accident and she doesn't like it.  She is three months old, sleeping through the night, and is such a joy.

She has also started laughing a little, instead of just those big-wide open grins.

Loving how are family looks now!  

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