Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help them 'stick' to it!

This is a simple thing, but sometimes it's all you need to turn a problem around! K-I-S-S Keep it simple sweetie!

My kinder girl has a reading goal from our umbrella school to read independently 300 minutes a month. The prize? A Pizza Hut personal pan pizza. Would this be motivating to me? Yes. The cheesy goodness would be enough. For little girl with no concept of the word free? Nuh-uh.

Did I get tired of begging reminding her daily to read? Yes. She loves to read, except when she has ready for the solution to our reading dilemma?

The sticker chart! Each sticker is worth 10 minutes of reading time. Now we can both easily see the progress and it has been a big help, especially if we are getting behind. I have seen her take a stack of books and read on her own for 40 minutes to finish a row (I give her a small reward at the end of each row).

Sometimes it's the simple things that help us to stick to it!

I am linking up to Helpful Homeschool Hints!


  1. Thanks for the tip. That can be used for so many things our kiddos try to avoid doing. Glad that I found your blog through the Helpful Homeschool Hints meme.

  2. Very cute chart, great idea.