Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello again!

It's been a long time since I fired up the ole blog...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a fun December full of celebration and preparing for the holidays...up until about 4 days before Christmas.  I started having gall bladder pain (long story, but I knew it was my gall bladder because I was diagnosed with stones several years ago).  I made it through Christmas day (sort of) and then off to the ER for some relief!  I had my gall bladder removed two days later...and thankfully I am recovering well.  Needless to say, New Years was a little blurry :) but I am very excited about all that 2011 has to bring.

We will be starting school officially next week after a nice long break.  This week we were working on a lap book project, which we are enjoying...slowly getting back into school mode from vacation mode.

Have I mentioned that I heart  Well I do!  I found a great story there, and some good ideas.  The book is called "The Empty Pot" by Demi.  It is a great story about honesty, and well, growing flowers!

As part of our lap book we did an experiment with mustard seeds.  Some of the seeds we cooked, and some we didn't...and we are watching what happens to each set of seeds.  Fascinating, really (for a 5 year old!).  Its a great experiment, because the mustard seeds sprouted really quick, so we didn't have to wait long!  Below is Day 3...

Thanks for checking in with us, I hope plan to be better about posting!


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