Monday, November 15, 2010


I have to say that right now, life is sweet.  We are definitely getting in the groove of homeschooling, and I am so enjoying having this precious time with my little ones while they are little.  I know that this is a precious blessing, that many would love to have but aren't able to, and I do not want to take it for granted.

I am planning some posts soon on what we are doing in school, but mostly we are living life around here.  We do school at the park often so little brother can play and run, we make up games to play around the house.  We spend our weekends playing with Daddy and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. 

Happy is the person who trusts the Lord.  Psalm 40:4

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  1. What a blessing! I am excited to be able to homeschool my children this next year. My husband and I worked really hard for the last six years so that I can now be home! Feeling very blesed!