Saturday, October 9, 2010

In the mood to paint!

This Friday was full of art fun!  It was a beautiful day to have the doors and windows open and do some painting, so we finished up our school work and broke out the paints.

I saw this post at 1+1+1=1 (inspired by this one) and decided this was just the fall art project we needed this week! 

Kinder-girl had fun painting a paper towel roll (which I have in abundance these days - can't throw them away any more!).

(Side note, I just love how she put on the headband herself today, so cute)

I traced the leaves for her with a thick black marker and she cut (some of) them out.

Love the concentration!  Yes, we did use double sided tape.  Glue stick is over-rated!

Our first kindergarten fall art project.  So fun!


  1. Ohhhh this is super cute! Totally going to do this one with my pre-kindergartener! I love getting new art ideas. My preschooler puts her headbands on like that too, don't you love it???? Oh they grow so fast booo lol


  2. The project turned out beautiful! Where do you have it displayed? Love it.
    It brings back memories of projects I did as a kid.

  3. Thanks Tarah & Lindsey, It is displayed beautifully on my kitchen counter :-) with her bees-wax candle she made for me at school last week!

  4. Cute! I needed something to do on Thurs when my niece comes to visit!