Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skip counting

Ok, so I admit, teaching math to a kindergartener is a more difficult than I expected. 

There, I said it. :-) 

I mean, it’s just adding right?  K-girl is actually doing well, I just expected to show her how it works, and ‘voila’ (dream world, I know).

So I’m on the lookout for good games and resources for math.  Here’s one that I came across that I think we will really enjoy!

Homeschool Creations has a really nice skip counting charts – today we will start with 2’s! 

skip counting thumbnail 1[7]

We did have fun the other day playing “store”.  I created a quick chart with prices (all in pennies).  Then I gave her 10 pennies in a purse and she could buy the items.  When we came get to the end of each shopping trip, she would have to choose items based on how many pennies she had left (now that’s real math).

2010 Sept 008   2010 Sept 011

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